About Typy and Hippu

About Typy:

Typy (official name Hessin Destiny´s Child) is 8 years old beagle who lives in Finland with Hippu and her owners. Typy likes swimming, sniffing in the woods, sausages and running. Typy is also a reading dog.

About Hippu:

Hippu (official name Räntäsään Groovy Girl) is 3 years old beagle who lives with Typy and her owners. Hippu loves running and playing with Typy. She also likes fresh blueberrys and snow.

About Pimu: 

Pimu (official name Hessin Iines) was born in 3. December 1998. Pimu loved meatballs, sunshine, taking relax and sniffing in the woods. She didin´t like vet and big black dogs. Pimu went to better hunting grounds 25. December 2013.

From Typy´s and Hippu´s owner´s:

Many thanks for visiting in Typy´s and Hippu´s blog.

Unfortunately I'm telling Typy´s and Hippu´s adventures only in Finnish but you can send comments in English and I'll get back to You.

Best Regards
Typy´s and Hippu´s "human mom"